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RebrickMat - Building/Design Mat

RebrickMat - Building/Design Mat

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The RebrickMat is a large 90cm x 40cm deskpad sized rubber mat, with various design and reference data printed on the top. It's a great surface to use when building LEGO Sets/MOCs, or just to use as a mouse pad.
  • Comes in one large size: 90cm x 40cm (35" x 16")
  • Handy building and design reference data
  • A color guide to help with hard to identify part colors
  • Accurately scaled parts and measuring guides
  • Rubber anti-slip bottom and printed top
  • Stitched edging for longer life
  • Reduce noisy LEGO parts rattling around on your building desk
  • Easily clean up spills and coffee stains (extensive testing performed!)
NOTE: Colors can vary slightly between mats, so the color guide may not be an exact match. But it is as close as we could get :)

NOTE: The dimensions of printed parts/rulers might be off by a mm or so. Because it is a rubber mat, it will stretch and contract under different conditions. It comes delivered rolled up so might look wrinkled around the edges at first, but once it is laid out flat for a while it will stabilise.

Due to high demand, the mat might take over a week before it is shipped, with delivery taking about 1-2 weeks depending on location.

For more details see RebrickMat

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